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to learn

The course that will enhance the learning process in your company and help your personnel develop faster

e-learning development
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Who is this course for?
and supervisors
They could drive the culture of continuous learning at their level, master their own proficiencies faster, and help the team do the same
The business will get a chance to build a continuous learning culture on the team level
They could systematically improve the learning process to unlock their potential faster and become strong managers down the line
The business will get new managers with a high level of motivation for self-improvement
New employees
They could understand the value of learning and individually start their self-development based on a clear algorithm
The business will acquire specialists who want to grow and improve without the carrot or the stick
What your employees will learn
Transform their development into a clear and understandable system
Create and apply their personal knowledge base
Create a self-development plan
Find new insights and integrate them at work and in life
Form a habit of continuous learning
Set targets to learn anything
How to integrate continuous learning into your life
How to create a growth plan
Forming a habit of continuous learning
Using the three learning methods
Development framework: the idea funnel
Creating and developing a growth plan
Growth plan and improving the idea funnel
Identifying strengths and weaknesses
Determining priorities in growth
Alternative learning methods
Formalization of the growth plan
Collecting information from the best sources
Course outline
How to gather and apply knowledge
How to learn quicker and remember more
Integrating ideas from the knowledge base at work or their own experiences
Saving and adding ideas to the knowledge base
Creating a knowledge base in Notion
The mind is not just a storage space for ideas
Learning on a schedule
Practice makes perfect
Teach so you can learn
Trackers and challenges
Learning traps
Course content
video lessons
The most convenient format to assimilate information
minutes of content
Concentrated material without unnecessary theory or rambling
interactive cases and minigames
Complete immersion until the last minute of the course
practical advices
Tested throughout the years
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We will contact you and give you access to a trial version of the course, so you can assess its quality for yourself
e-learning developement
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